Project related general inquiries:

Do I have to get a water meter?
This program is mandatory for all homes in Toronto, as approved by City Council, under the City of Toronto Municipal code, Chapter 851, Water Supply.

Why do I need a new water meter?
Every homeowner in Toronto will be getting a water meter upgrade to more efficiently monitor and administer water use in the city.

Does someone need to be home during the installation?
Someone at least 18 years of age or older must be present during the installation, which takes approximately 90 minutes for flat rate customers.

When do I have to book my appointment?
 Appointment Notice Booklet
If you didn't receive the Appointment Notice Booklet we are not in your area yet. You will be notified when we are in your area via an Appointment Notice Booklet.

Accessibility issues:

small_accessIs my access hole big enough?
If your shut-off valve is inside a wall, an opening of approximately 48-cm by 38-cm must be made.

What if my access hole is obstructed?
If your shut-off valve is obstructed you must create access.

How much space does the installer need to work?
The area around your shut-off valve must be cleared. The installer will need approximately a 60-cm diameter area to work.

How large does my access hole need to be?
The correct sized opening is approximately 48-cm by 38-cm. If you are not comfortable making the opening yourself, the installer can do it prior to the installation (at no cost). If you think it is not possible to create access to the meter, a supervisor must come to your property to assess the situation.

My shut-off valve is in an awkward location. Is this going to be a problem?
Your installer requires a 60-cm diameter work area around your shut-off valve. If your shut-off valve is located in an awkward space such as: between shelves, in a custom cabinet, under a sink, behind your furnace, behind your hot-water tank, etc., it may impact your installation. For example, if your shut-off valve is located inside a cabinet, and there is a 60-cm diameter around the shut-off valve, in most cases, the installer will be able to install the water meter. If there is not enough space, your installer will evaluate your situation and provide you with some options.

Security concerns:

How can I verify my installer's identity?
All installers will be in uniform. Each uniform will display:

1.   The under contract to the City of Toronto logo on the front.
2.   The Neptune logo on the arm.
3.   The Water Meter Program logo across the back.
4.   An ID card in plain sight. 

installerfront sample_id

No installer will ever ask for any money at the door. The installation will be done for no charge to homeowners.

Will an installer ever show up to my home without an appointment?
If an installer is in your area, he/she may attempt to knock on your door and offer to do an installation with no scheduled appointment. If you are uncomfortable with this situation, simply tell the installer you would rather schedule an appointment. Alternatively, you may request to see the installer’s identification. You can also call Neptune at 416-23-METER (416-236-3837) to confirm an installer’s identity.

I've noticed something hung on my door. What is it?
You may notice a tag left on your door. This tag is a reminder that you have either missed a scheduled appointment, or that your property still requires an appointment to be scheduled.

What information is sent to the City?
Your new water meter will send data remotely to the City. All data sent contains only the water meter serial number and consumption data. No identifiable homeowner information is transmitted. The radio frequency used by the transmitter is a licensed frequency on which only water meters can operate.

Installation concerns:

What kind of technical background/training does my installer have?
All installers are certified and trained to install water meters as per Ontario standards WMI-08.

How long will my installation take?
The installation will take approximately 90 minutes.

I've booked my appointment, when will my installer arrive?

On weekdays, appointments can be booked during three time blocks: Morning (8 a.m. to 12 p.m.), afternoon (12 p.m. to 4 p.m.), or evening (4 p.m. to 8 p.m.). On the weekend, appointments can be booked during two time blocks: Morning (9 a.m. to 1 p.m.), or afternoon (1. p.m. to 6 p.m.). Your installer may show up at anytime within the time block booked.

I'm a plumber. Can I install my water meter myself?
Only Neptune installers are authorized to install our water meters.

How big will my new water meter be?
Your new water meter is approximately the size of a football. A small, wireless transmitter, approximately 5 cm by 10 cm by 15 cm will be mounted above the water meter to transmit your consumption data to the City at various times throughout the day.

What kind of power source does my new wireless transmitter require?
All wireless transmitters come equipped with a factory installed battery. The battery is designed to last for the lifespan of the wireless transmitter, and will never need to be replaced.

Can I relocate the position of my shut-off valve?
The location of your shut-off valve and/or water meter cannot be changed.

My shut-off valve is not working correctly. Will this affect my installation?
If your installer evaluates your valve to be faulty, it will be replaced at no cost.

My water meter is in a crawlspace. Will this be a problem?
No. A water meter can be installed in a crawlspace.

I am currently renovating my property and there is no plumbing in place. Will this be a problem?
If the property is being torn down, or has no plumbing due to renovations/construction, we will update our database to reflect this. An installation will occur when the plumbing is in place.

I am selling my property, do I need to book an appointment?
If you have sold your property and the closing date is within the next two weeks, the water meter installation will become the responsibility of the new owner. If the closing date is scheduled beyond the two-week mark, the water meter installation is your responsibility.

finished_basement_installFinished basements:

I have a finished basement and my shut-off valve and water meter are behind a finished wall. How will my water meter be installed?
Services located behind drywall or panelling in finished basements should not present a problem. The installers are trained to create an access point to an obstructed shut-off valve. After consulting the person present for the installation, installers will neatly cut out a small section of drywall and panelling to gain access to the main shut-off valve and/or water meter. Tenants should get permission from the owner/landlord before making any permanent changes to the dwelling they reside in. Once the water meter is installed, a homeowner can request to cover the hole with a standard access panel/box. If requested to, the installer will then install the access panel/box on site, at no cost. If the homeowner chooses to cover the hole themselves,they must ensure it is not permanently covered to allow for future maintenance.

Tenants and landlords:

Will the tenant or landlord of a property receive the Appointment Notice Booklet?
If your tenants are already receiving a water bill in their name, they will receive a letter prompting them to schedule an appointment. If the water bill is currently being sent to you, the landlord/property manager, your tenants may not be aware of the Water Meter Program. Furthermore, they may not be aware that a water meter appointment must be made for the property they are currently occupying. We will not contact tenants on behalf of the landlord if the tenants are not already receiving a water bill in their name. It is your responsibility as the property owner to have your water meter(s) installed.

Can tenants book an appointment?
Yes. Tenants and/or landlords are able to schedule appointments. When scheduling an appointment, you must be able to guarantee that someone over the age of 18 will be present at the time of installation.